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Rialto Cinemas Sebastopol


Ma Belle, My Beauty

Thursday, September 9, 7:15PM

Director: Marion Hill

USA, 2021, 95 minutes

This film has already won an award at the Sundance Film Festival. It is a music-filled, romantic drama that captures the tender intimacies, jealousies, and complications that arise when love strikes three… or even four people. It’s about a Bisexual, polyamorous relationship and focuses on feminine sexuality in the relationship.  “This proudly queer romantic-drama delivers a poignant exploration of polyamory, giving empathy and insight into all of its lovers.” Robert Ebert.com



Thursday, Sept 16, 7PM

Director: Carlos López Estrada

USA, 2020, 95 minutes

Over the course of a hot summer day in Los Angeles, the lives of 25 young Angelenos intersect. A skating guitarist, a tagger, two wannabe rappers, an exasperated fast-food worker, a limo driver-they all weave in and out of each other's stories. Through their own words, they express life, love, heartache, family, home, and fear. One of them just wants to find someplace that still serves good cheeseburgers.
"The most Inspirational movie of the year ." -Peter Debruge, Variety


Invisible: Gay Women in Country Music 

Thursday, October 21, 7PM

Director: T. J. Parsell

USA, 2021, 107 minutes

Invisible won the award for best Documentary at Frameline, the San Francisco LGBTQ Film Festival. Contemporary Country Music is coming out of the closet! “Invisible:..” is the story of a group of lesbians and one Transgender man who have written #1 hits for some of Country Music’s greatest stars. Some share how they kept quiet about their sexual identities for fear of how their opportunities or careers could be impacted. Others came out regardless and in some cases did faced negative consequences.  Listen and witness how each of the featured individuals write, produce and survive behind the scenes of Country Music in Nashville. 

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